#BlackLivesMatter - US Policemen KILL a black man while arresting him

#BlackLivesMatter goes viral on social media as a disturbing video of US Policemen inhumanly choking George Floyd surfaces on twitter.

This is sadly not the first time US Policemen have killed black people on mere suspicion of a crime or resisting arrest. However, this incident triggered a wave of anger across the globe and has once again brought to our notice of how racism has been taking lives. If a white man resists arrest, he is most definitely NOT KILLED by the police and that should be enough to show humanity the mirror on where it stands when it comes to equality.

Trigger Warning, Enraging triggering content below:

We need to think as a society what kind of world do we want to live in. Nationwide protests are getting planned while the white lawmakers or how I prefer calling them "Boomers" have not commented on the situation yet. Thank you, America for showing how not to elect representatives.

Comment your views on the mishap down below.


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