All About Toxic Masculinity

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The term Toxic Masculinity has been bounced around a lot in the last few years. Let's unfurl the meaning, cause, effect, and opinion on toxic masculinity in our society.


Not going by any particular definition, toxic masculinity refers to certain social and/ or cultural norms that are so deeply rooted in people's mentality that they bring harm upon themselves as well as other individuals. Homophobia and bullying are a couple of examples of the evils of toxic masculinity.

Diving deeper into the concept of toxic masculinity, it all begins in the school where the personalities of people start solidifying. If a boy bruised himself badly while playing on the playground, he is shamed if he cries. Similarly, if he is talkative and loves sharing emotions with his friends, he is called out and asked to quit his 'effeminate' behavior, else he is ridiculed and excluded from the group of 'cool boyz'.

Our beloved Bollywood does nothing but to encourage toxic behaviors by men like cat-calling, ridiculing gay men, suppressing feelings, and whatnot. This excludes some forward-thinking movies we've seen since 2019.


Men are physically stronger than women it's an undeniable fact. But do we really need men to be the bread-winner and the 'alpha' of the family? We no longer live as hunter-gatherers and women do not need men for their survival. Don't get me wrong, having qualities like strength, courage, and boldness are not at all repulsive, in fact, many women find these qualities attractive in a man.

Just how dogs have evolved from wolves and they still urinate to mark their territory, apparently, men feel the need to take charge and never show weakness, ridicule the emotionally and physically weak, carry the emotional and physical burdens of themselves and their families. Well here's a memo to everyone, these are different times. Showing emotional vulnerability and engaging in activities that were once considered 'effeminate' by our beautiful society is absolutely fine.


Here's what a group of surveyed men said about how they would react in certain situations.

You don't need to be a therapist to understand that these traits are extremely harmful and pose a serious threat to the mental health of these men. Not just that, these traits often act as a gateway to rape culture which revolves around everything from misogyny to raping a woman.

You must have read that men are more likely to commit suicide than women. No wonder ha!


The topic is never-ending and honestly, things are changing for good. Toxic masculinity is NOT about traits like leadership, boldness, being the alpha, etc. but about the need for men to strongly abide by these restrictive age-old norms responsible for major social issues like misogyny, mental health issues, and poor overall development of a man.

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